Monday, April 28, 2008

Counting the (H)omer...

Though we're now a week plus into counting the Omer, I keep running into folks who swear they knoweth not about one of the coolest Jewish websites in the Liturg-O-Sphere.  I'm referring of course to the Homer Calendar. (Yes, as in Homer Simpson.)  It was researched, written and designed by my friend, health care advocate Brian Rosman, who guested with his family at our seder and presented us with a copy of the handy "pocket edition" of the Homer Counter hot off the press. 

This is not a one joke deal. Brian's site is 100% kosher, a perfect synergy of ancient Jewish ritual and modern American pop culture. Not only is The Simpsons' creator and many of the writers Jewish (no surprise there), the show itself has frequently referenced Jewish themes, notably revolving around one of the supporting characters who is Jewish, the TV star Krusty The Clown. But you know all this. What you may not know is that there exists a stack of books and articles (and probably a Ph.D. dissertation by now) on the religious (even Jewish) significance of this hopelessly dysfunctional TV family. Brian has some very interesting commentary and links to much of it, including a very funny slide show of "Jewish Life in Springfield." Click here, and happy counting.

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