Thursday, April 17, 2008

Songs for your seder from Kol B'seder

Maybe you already have these on CD, perhaps on cassette tape, or maybe you don't, but here's some Pesach music to sing at your seder from Kol B'seder.

In Every Generation - mp3 - lyrics - music: page1 - page2 - page3  Here is "B'chol dor vador" from the Haggadah (just after Dayeinu), that we must see ourselves as personally delivered from Egypt.  We sing the Hebrew with the traditional wording, and also in a gender-neutral Hebrew version. The English is a reminder that just as we must "look upon ourselves as if from slavery we were freed," we must also, "look around and help all the ones who are in need." (By the way, that's the incredible Howard Levy on harmonica.)

The Ten Plagues - mp3 - lyrics - music: page1 - page2  This song is not just a handy way to remember the order of the plagues. It reminds us of a midrash that the Eternal rebuked the angels for rejoicing at the destruction of Pharoah's army saying, "My children are drowning in the sea..."  The drops of wine we spill from our cups are thus, in a way, like tears.

If you'd like to sing and play more of our music, here's a special offer on our Songbook.

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