Friday, July 11, 2008

See you in Israel...

My last visit to Israel was five years ago. I can stay away no longer! So, I recently cleared some time on my calendar and traded in my last batch of United miles for a ticket. I'm bringing my guitar and some clothes. My hope is to sing in as many places as possible, and to stay in homes wherever I travel. I want to reconnect, see old friends and make new ones. I am not charging a fee for my singing. Any earnings that happen to come my way will be used for tzedakah in Israel. With a few things already scheduled, I'll be leading t'filot, doing workshops, singing at house parties, summer camps, maybe tour groups, at cafes, I'll see what opportunities come up. Here's my travel schedule, subject to change.  I'll post specifics when I can. If you're nearby please come and say hi. To contact me, just click here.

July 20 - 23, Haifa area

July 23 - 26, Jerusalem area
• Kabbalat Shabbat July 25 at:

July 27 - 28, Kibbutz Lotan (Arava)

July 29 - August 1, Tel Aviv area
• Kabbalat Shabbat August 1 at:
Beit Daniel, Tel Aviv

Yes, that's Elvis. I have no idea where this photo is from.  Did I take it myself?  Does anyone recognize this restaurant? Stay tuned...see you in Israel!

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